Ways to have fun during the semester

Ways to have fun during the semester

Throughout college, you will find yourself tired, drained, and stressed over coursework. At these times, it’s important to take a step back and remember college is a place to both learn and enjoy. After doing all that learning, try out these ideas to have some fun:

  1. Clubs:


Clubs are an awesome way to make friends and take part in fun events. There are also clubs that might pertain to a career interest you have. The events can range from club meetings with themes behind them to volunteer opportunities to fundraisers and big club related events. You will make friends, have fun, and maybe even get food. This is also a yearlong thing, since you meet with people from the club often. You might even become one of the executive members of the club. Clubs open you up to a lot of opportunities to have fun and network.

  1. SEA Events:


The Student Engagement team is always throwing events to help students enjoy college. Since its Halloween season, they will be hosting multiple events related to it where you can make even more friends and get snacks. They will also hold events for more of the holidays to come.


  1. Sports event:


Did you know any SBU student can get free tickets to any of the sporting events that happen on campus? Well you do know. Also, SBU is a Division 1 sports school which means we’re pretty good. Going to a sporting event is an awesome way to get into the fun side of college. The school spirit is shown at these games and no matter the outcome, everyone always has a good time.

  1. The SBU events:



SBU host big events every year. Some of them have passed and some are to come. There’s:

  • Wolfieland
  • Homecoming Brookfest
  • Back to the Brook
  • Roth Regatta
  • AND many more

These events range from carnivals to concerts and competitions. The days of these events are easily some of the buzzing days at SBU, rain or shine.

  1. Hang out at Staller Steps: when the weather is good, Staller Steps can become the best spot on campus. On certain days it’s filled with people and fun while on other days it’s the best place to soak up some sun and maybe even take a nap. Cold days aren’t the best time for it but wait until Spring rolls around.
  2. Go to the Mall: 313 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY 11755


Smith Haven Mall is a short bus trip away. The buses are easy to understand with a quick search. The bus fare is also free for students on the weekends. There’s a bunch of stores and places to eat at the mall and just an overall good atmosphere.

  1. Go to Port Jeff:


In the opposite direction of Smith Haven Mall is Port Jeff, also accessible by bus. Port Jeff has a great view and had many places to eat nearby. There are also fun things to do like watch a movie, ice skate, roller skate, bowl, etc. After all that you can go to the little shore nearby and skip rocks. Port Jeff is a great place to have an adventure and learn more about the Stony Brook area.

  1. Go to the Beach:


There is a beach nearby that you can take advantage of. It’s too cold for anything now but you can go there for a nice, calming walk and view. Just take in the atmosphere and relax. Then when it’s hot outside, go have fun.

  1. Avalon Park: Harbor Rd, Stony Brook, NY 11790


This park is a little far away but if you do decide to go, you can go for a hike. Avalon Park is a great way to get into nature and lose track of stress. A great adventure just waiting to happen.

  1. Lastly, just hang out with friends: Go to events and make new friends or just have a little event with friends. A movie night or trip to a restaurant can become an amazing adventure when you go with friends.

There are tons of other things to do that aren’t listed here so make sure to look out for them. Most of these ideas are free so make sure to check them out. Let me know if you try any of these. Post a picture and tag us with one of our Social Medias:

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