Not working? No problem

As we all know, being a college student can be expensive. As such, many students find work on or off-campus during the semester to offset costs. However, what are your options if you can’t find work or don’t have the right schedule for part-time work? Don’t worry, there is hope!

In fact, there are a myriad of ways to earn money without a steady job. One popular option is doing online surveys in exchange for gift cards. While this may be time-consuming and a bit tedious, they are a good option for people that don’t have reliable transportation but have access to the internet.

Another option is to sell old books. In truth,  you really could sell just about any of your possessions for cash,. The reason I mention books is because most of us have books that we have already read and so we don’t have much use for them anymore. However, some books can and should be kept for their sentimental value.

Yet another option is to start a blog. What you can do is start a blog on WordPress or Blogger and sell ad space on the website. This can be a great way to make money if your blog becomes popular. If you write about a subject with passion and energy, you’re bound to create an audience. I have actually done this in the past without ads. I would suggest brushing up on your writing skills as well as grammar before you start. In addition, making an effort to always improve your writing and knowledge of your subject is paramount to success.

Some other options include babysitting a neighbor’s children, becoming a dog-walker, and selling plasma. All of these are viable options for people who don’t have a steady job to make some extra cash. None of these options will foreseeable lead to great riches, but they can all help students get through college. If you want to check out even more ways to make money outside of a job, click here.


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