We have a winner!

As you may know, the Office of Financial Aid organizes workshops for students to learn about financial literacy. These workshops are part of the Money Smart Seawolves Workshop Series and are held on Wednesdays at 1pm in Humanities 1006. Every student that attends at least 1 workshop is entered into a raffle to win the cost of a semester’s tuition at SBU. At the end of the semester, names are drawn and 2 people are declared winners of the raffle. The raffle has been fairly popular with students and attracts a lot of attention every semester. The winners for the Fall 2016 semester are Jason Sims and Catrina Wiltshire.

Raffle Winners Fall 2016.png

Jason Sims

jason-1Jason is a sophomore double-majoring in Psychology and Business Management. He is also pursuing a minor in Accounting and he hopes to earn an Ph.D in Psychology and start his own practice. Jason found out about the workshops when he walked into the Financial Aid office (located in Administration) and saw a sign detailing the information provided by the workshops. After asking about the workshops, he was determined to find out for himself.

“I thought the classes were worthwhile and very useful,” Jason said. “I found the workshop on savings to be the most interesting. Understanding how interest rates and credit works affects one’s future.” He added that learning about Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts drove him to open up an account of his own.

Attending the workshops has helped Jason in a multitude of ways. “I would recommend these workshops to others,” he said. He added that “Having this knowledge will make one’s future more successful.” We couldn’t agree more! We recommend that students heed Jason’s advice and attend at least one workshop to get an idea of what they’re about.

Catrina Wiltshire

catrina-4Catrina is a sophomore majoring in Biology. She is on the Pre-Med track and hopes to one day become a pediatrician. She enjoys writing poetry in her free time. Catrina found out about the workshops via Wolfie. She was walking to class one day and saw Wolfie walking around with a giant check. She grabbed a flier describing the event and off she went! She attended all three workshops and took something away from each one. “The credit workshop influenced me to start considering getting a secured card instead of a credit card,” she said. She also learned a great deal about money management and differentiating a ‘want’ from a ‘need’. She concluded: “Looking back at what I learned I would definitely recommend these workshops to all incoming freshmen because it is valuable information that you need to know when entering college.”

Congrats once again to Jason and Catrina! Now, you both are officially Money Smart Seawolves!

Are you interested in winning free tuition next semester? Current undergraduate Stony Brook students can RSVP for our Spring 2017 workshops by clicking here


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