Free Chinese Language Classes!

Free Chinese Classes_Fall 2016.png

Yes, you read that correctly! Stony Brook University and The Confucius Institute are offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Chinese Language classes for anyone interested!* And, the best part? The classes are open to everyone, and they are FREE!

China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, as well as one of the United State’s largest trading partners, and the Mandarin language is the largest in the world! Therefore, if you are planning on going abroad, especially on business trips *cough* business students *cough* *cough*, then you won’t want to miss out on taking FREE Chinese Language classes! Not to mention, simply having a beginner’s knowledge of Mandarin will most likely put you head and shoulders above other candidates when applying for a job.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should definitely consider taking these classes to hone your skills. It is a 10 week commitment, but it is completely FREE , so you are only hurting your own development of the language by not attending.

If you’re interested in taking the classes, please visit their website by clicking here. Or, if you have further questions, please contact Dr. Ming Wu at

Classes are limited to 25 students each, so keep checking back on the website to see when the Spring 2017 class registration begins!

And, as always, stay SAVVY!

*Unfortunately, the registration period for this current Fall 2016 semester has passed, but this may give you an opportunity to do some studying on your own before next semester’s classes open!* 


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