Meet Our Spring 2016 Money Smart Winners

We are Far Beyond pleased to announce the winners of the Stony Brook Spring 2016 Money Smart Workshop Series. Congratulations are in order for Angeline Chen and Shelana Baptiste! They have both won the value of in-state tuition for the current Fall 2016 semester.

Continue reading to learn a little more about Shelana’s and Angeline’s journey to become Money Smart Seawolves!


Spring 2016 Money Smart Seawolves Winners

Angeline Chen


Angeline Chen, winner of our Spring 2016 Money Smart Workshop Series

Angeline Chen is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University, majoring in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and working on becoming a Physician Assistant. She is also involved in some clubs and activities on campus, including the SBU American Red Cross and being a UGC Fellow for HDV.

Angeline found out about the Money Smart Seawolves Workshops via email. She said, “Before I knew about the chance to win free tuition I was already captivated by the topics the workshops were covering”, which included Identity Theft, Dealing with Debt and the World of Work.Angeline was most interested in the Identity Theft Workshop because “Getting my identity stolen is one of my biggest worries, so I decided to learn the preventive measures so I won’t have to put myself in the situation of trying to solve the problem after it has happen.” The day after the Identity Theft Workshop, with her new knowledge intact, Angeline, “called my bank to upgrade my debit card so it’ll have the chip.”

“I really enjoyed the workshops because the staff really tries to keep the presentations short and sweet, has door prize raffles, and allows the Bring-a-Buddy entries.”

According to Angeline, “These are the lessons you most likely will not be taught in the classes you will need to finish your degree. In an hour at these workshops, I had picked up simple knowledge that would benefit me for many years to come. I am truly grateful for having these workshops on-campus along with the chance of being the winner for a semester of free tuition for Fall 2016, thank you!”

Shelana Baptiste


Shelana Baptiste, winner of our Spring 2016 Money Smart Workshop Series

Shelana Baptiste a Biochemistry major on the pre-med track at Stony Brook University. As a recent transfer at Stony Brook, Shelana learned about the Money Smart Seawolves program from the orientation package flyers that are provided to each new student.

“I decided to RSVP mainly for the information not thinking that I had a chance of actually becoming one of the winners. I attended all three topics and brought a few friends along.” Well, though she didn’t think she had a chance, Shelana was one of the lucky winners!

Coming from a different country, Shelana wanted to learn more about how to be financially savvy. Thus, after attending the workshops, she said, “This program was extremely informative, especially for me, because I am an immigrant from the Caribbean where building credit and federal loans are not part of our financial system. It helped me answer questions about applying for loans, acquiring good debt and effective paying plans to get rid of debt. It was also very timely because prior to Stony Brook University I worked part time while schooling to pay my school expenses. This was the first semester of getting a student loan of any kind. The workshops helped me budget and even started paying a little of my debt.”

“I would recommend this workshops to anyone attending Stony Brook, whether they are in debt, looking for information or just looking for a chance to win tuition it was definitely worth attending.”

Congratulations, again, to Angeline and Shelana! Now, you both are officially Money Smart Seawolves!

Are you interest in winning free tuition next semester? Current undergraduate Stony Brook students can RSVP for our Fall 2016 workshops by clicking here.

As always, stay SAVVY!

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