Father’s Day: 5 Last Minute Ideas for What To Get Dad

Generally, figuring out what to get fathers for Father’s Day was always a little bit more difficult than figuring out what to get mothers for Mother’s Day. Why this is the case? We honestly couldn’t say, but that’s why we’re here. We wanted to provide some ideas for what to get dad for Father’s Day.

If we wanted to write it the same way, this blog post could be very similar to our Mother’s Day blog post in the sense that if you are trying to think of an idea for what to get your father, but you are a poor college student, or you just can’t spend that much money right now, then you could always give your father a nice card (we prefer homemade) and some of your time, even if that means helping him mow the lawn, or maybe going on a hike with him. Whatever your idea for a gift may be, these two ideas will always be the simplest, but usually mean the most.

However, we do not want to simply write the same blog as our Mother’s Day post. We want to provide you with some alternative ideas for your Father’s Day. Thus, without further ado, here are our top 5 ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

Father's Day_2016.1 (1).png

  1. Amazon.com. We know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a specific item for father’s day, which is true. However, Amazon.com provides you with many options for a Father’s Day gift for every type of dad. If your dad is a DIY type of guy, then perhaps he’d like some items from DeWalt. Or, perhaps your dad is more into TV’s, different audio or visual equipment. Whatever it may be, you’ll most likely be able to find what you’re looking for on Amazon.com at a reasonable price. 
  2. Target.com. Like Amazon.com, Target.com and Target stores are great for finding Father’s Day deals. On Target.com, you’ll be able to find a large variety of items at decent prices. Again, this is definitely worth checking out if your dad fits that DIY or different molds because there are plenty of items at Target. In addition, Target.com breaks down some of the items by pricing. Therefore, you can look for products for $25 or less, $50 or less, so on and so forth. If you’re looking for something last minute, then check out this website
  3. Walmart.com. As with our last two suggestions, Walmart.com can provide a wide range of gift ideas based upon your father’s interests. If your father is really into collecting sports memorabilia, then Walmart has some good, albeit expensive, choices. If your father is more into cars, then Walmart.com has some decent options for car accessories. Make sure to check out these ideas as well as other to find the right gift for your father. 
  4. SharperImage.com. If your father is really into having a “man cave” or some sort of personal space for himself, then you should check out some of the items at SharperImage.com. Some of the items are extremely expensive, especially for a college student, but some other items are reasonably priced and could be a great gift. In addition, SharperImage.com is having a Father’s Day sale where you can get select items for 60% off. There’s a variety of items here, so make sure to check them all out.
  5. Etsy.com. Here, you’ll be able to find more quirky, though pretty awesome, Father’s Day gifts. Certain items are expensive, but there were plenty of items below $25. Check out all of these different gift ideas, and see if you can find something that your father would enjoy. 

Well, that just about does it for this post, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed what we were able to provide to you. All of this being said, we can’t stress enough that we think these ideas are great, but only if you have the proper funds. If you do not have enough money for these items, then don’t fret. As mentioned before, simply get your father a card from Target or Hallmark, or make him one yourself and spend some quality time with him doing whatever it is that he wants to do. Tell you father how much you appreciate all that he does for you. Tell him how much you care about him and love him. And, as always, stay SAVVY!

Happy Father’s Day!



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