Meet our Fall 2015 Money Smart Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Stony Brook Fall 2015 Money Smart Workshop Series. Congratulations to Henry Sarpong and Manuel Piedra! They have both won the value of in-state tuition for the, current, Spring 2016 semester.

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about Henry and Manuel!


Fall 2015 Money Smart Seawolves Winners

Manuel Piedra


Manuel Piedra, winner of our Spring 2015 Money Smart Workshop Series

Manuel is currently a junior majoring in Health Science. He is also a member of Lambda Phi Epsilon and the Men’s Stony Brook Volleyball Team. You may have seen him working at Red Mango or at Roth Market Fresh in Roth Café.

Manuel heard about the financial workshops from his advisors. They sent him an email regarding who to contact and that at the end of the semester there will be a lucky person that will win free tuition. He says, “I saw this as a double win because I am able to learn a lot about how to properly and responsibly manage my money along with the possibility of winning free tuition. I became really interested in the workshops and found out that I would even be able to win a little piggy bank.” He immediately signed up for the workshops and attended his first one. At the first workshop he attended, he unexpectedly won one of our door prizes – an awesome piggy bank! He learned about the Bring-A-Buddy bonus entries while at that first workshop as well. He took full advantage and brought some friends to the next couple of workshops and they also won piggy banks.

He was not expecting to hear he was a winner and was shocked when he was contacted. He says, “I was speechless and couldn’t believe it. I pay for college by myself so winning this money meant that I wouldn’t have to work during the break to pay next semesters tuition. This was the best news I had ever received.” Manuel found the workshops incredibly beneficial. “Not only are these workshops very educational but they offer students crucial information for financial stability. Going to these workshops was one of the best decisions I have made this school year.”

Henry Sarpong


Henry Sarpong, winner of our Spring 2015 Money Smart Workshop Series

Henry is a Psychology major on the pre-med track, with a goal of helping others to have a healthy mind. He was introduced to the workshops by a friend who was a prior winner of the Money Smart workshops. After attending few workshops, he says he “fell in love with it.” The content began to make sense to him once he started to apply them to his life. He says, “For example, after attending a workshop about savings, I started to make a budget for every week and it saved me a lot of money and time.” He attended all three topics and learned a great deal about Savings, Identity Theft and Dealing with Debt.

He too was shocked and excited to hear that he was a winner of the free tuition. Winning this award has helped him to cut off some of his student loans and even boost his ego towards finance management. His words of wisdom to any one considering attending are, “I recommend this workshop to any one, especially undergrads to take this opportunity to learn how to protect themselves and the chance to win a life changing scholarship.”

Congratulations Manuel and Henry! Now you are officially Money Smart Seawolves!

Are you interested in winning free tuition next semester? Current Stony Brook students can RSVP for our Spring 2016 workshops by clicking here.



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