4 Awesome Galentine’s Day Ideas for you and your Girls

The month of February has always been a month about Valentine’s Day. Obviously, there are other holidays and other reasons to make February important, but, for the most part, when people think of February, they think of Valentine’s Day. They think of the flowers, the teddy bears, the pinks and reds, and who could ever forget about all the chocolate there is to eat during the month.

Well, we’re here to dispel (some of) that. We want to focus on a holiday that is relatively new and may not be familiar to the majority of people. This holiday is Galentine’s Day! February 13th has been been known as Galentine’s Day ever since Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, coined it on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Essentially, it is a day where you and your girlfriends get together and catch up on each others’ lives, possibly go out to lunch or dinner, basically do whatever you want to do with one rule: NO MEN ALLOWED! Go out and get a manicure or your hair done. Go have a spa date with your best girlfriends. Go play some indoor soccer or hit some balls at an indoor batting cage. Go do whatever it is that you and your girlfriends want to do. Have some fun without the boys! **You do not have to be single for this holiday, either. But, be respectful of your friends who do not have a special someone.**

So, if you don’t have plans already, check out our list, call up your friends and go have the best Galentine’s Day ever!21 Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your BFFs

  1. FREE Galentine’s Day Printables from Pizzazzerie. If you and your friends are planning on staying in for the night, then you have to check out these printables. They are completely free and would look great for any Galentine’s Day party. Go to their website, print them out, put them up and then start the celebrations! Free Galentine Party Printables for Valentine's Day!
  2. Galentine’s Day Playlist from Levo. Every great party needs some great tunes. So, why not make a playlist to celebrate the holiday! Invite some friends over, make the playlist, eat some food, and dance the night away!…Or get ready to go out to dinner, whichever you prefer. Galentine’s Day Playlist | Levo League | girlcrush, lifestyle 2, valentines day
  3. Couples Gifts from Groupon. Even though these are meant as Valentine’s Day gifts for couples, you and your girlfriends can definitely benefit from the deals available on Groupon! Whether it’s a day at the spa, a nice brunch, or a ladies night for dinner, you and your friends can find some awesome gifts for each other by checking out their website.  
  4. A Photo Collage. This idea comes from Buzzfeed, and we love it. Get your friends together and simply make a photo collage. Share and relive all of the great memories that you’ve had. It’s never too late to start! And, if you’re like us, then most of your photos are now on your phone. But, there are ways to get around that. You can download your photos to your computer and print them out that way. But, this might prove to be a challenge for people with a lot of photos since, we’re sure, you’ll want the photos of your collage in color. Thus, we recommend getting your friends together and purchasing a Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. You do not need ink for these printers because the ink is already in the paper (what a time to be alive!), and you can print from your iPhone or Android phone. You just need to download the app! They are expensive, but if you split it between 4 or 5 friends, then you shouldn’t have any problems making this idea a reality. 

We hope that this list brings you much enjoyment on your Galentine’s Day! Comment below with any other ideas you may have because we’d love to hear from you. Have a great Galentine’s Day, and, as always, stay SAVVY!


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