Super Bowl Ideas that won’t cost a fortune

Watching a football game, in particular the Super Bowl, is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, many people loathe watching grown men catching and throwing an oddly shaped ball. On the other hand, there are the football fanatics, who can’t miss a game and will stop at nothing in order to see their favorite team. These are the people who get emotional and break down when their kicker misses a game-winning field goal *cough*Minnesota Vikings*cough cough* or who go wild when their quarterback throws a game-winning hail mary. Nevertheless, there are people on both sides of the spectrum who obviously feel very passionately one way or the other.

This being said, I believe that people on both sides of this spectrum can (most likely) agree on two things: first, both sides can agree on the fact that they like to save money no matter the day of the year, and second, both sides can agree that sometimes, the best thing about the Super Bowl is the food.

Thus, without further ado, here are 5 ideas for the Super Bowl that won’t empty your bank account.

  1. Rating the Super Bowl Commercials by Kelly from Studio DIY. One of the biggest draws to watching the Super Bowl is the commercials. Practically everyone knows that the commercials are sometimes talked about just as much as the game. And, even if you don’t enjoy the game, itself, you can see what obscure, hilarious, or just plain weird commercials there will be. That being said, you and your friends can rate the commercials using “commercial ratings signs” from Studio DIY. Check out their website for more info as well as other great ideas for your party! super-bowl-commercial-ratings-600x399.jpg
  2.  Papa John’s. As already mentioned, the food at a Super Bowl party can be one of the biggest attractions for someone. However, not everyone wants to deal with the cooking, the preparing and the cleaning of everything while the game is happening. Thus, if you can get to a computer soon, you should look into Papa John’s deal for a free pizza! Now, you won’t necessarily get a free pizza for Super Bowl Sunday, but you only have to spend $15 in order to get reward points for a free pizza. Talk about saving some money! For further information, check out their website!  
  3. Silverware Caddies. If you’ve been following our ideas up until now, you’ll have some games and food ideas ready for the big game. However, what about decor? If you really want to throw a great Super Bowl party, your home needs to look prepared to host some guests for one of the biggest nights in the sporting world. These silverware caddies from Rust and Sunshine are one of many great ideas to make your home ready for the Super silverware caddies - 2.5.16.jpg
  4. Stony Brook Dining. If you’re a Stony Brook student resident you have meal points. It is a fact that if you dorm on this campus, then you must have some sort of a meal plan (apartments excluded). Thus, instead of going out and spending your money on food, you can go to two of the Stony Brook on-campus dining locations for some of the “big game” food you’re looking for. This is a great way to save some money! You have the meal points, so use them on the food provided on campus. big game event
  5. Money Saving Tips and Tricks. This wouldn’t be the Savvy Seawolf if we didn’t throw in our own ideas for different ways to save money.
    • MAKE A BUDGET! If you stick to this budget, whatever that may be, stick to it and you can’t go wrong! Have some fun, but be realistic about how much you are able to spend. If you need help, check out
    • Ask your friends, family and whomever else you’ve invited to bring some snacks or small dishes. Buying food for a large number of guests can get extremely expensive, so it does not hurt to ask them to bring a bag or two of chips, some hors d’oeuvres, or a small appetizer.
      • If making people bring food makes you feel uncomfortable, then disguise it as a contest! Have people bring their best dishes and then have everyone vote on which dish you all enjoyed the most!
    • BYOB! As with buying food in large quantities, buying soda and other beverages can become extremely expensive when buying for a large amount of people. Thus, you should ask your guests to bring their own drinks to save some money!
    • If you have kids or just want to have some fun playing a game while watching the big game, then you should definitely look into printing out some football bingo boards from Studio DIY. They are free and are a great way to have some fun if actually watching the game isn’t your thing.

The Super Bowl is on February 7th on CBS. It looks like it is going to be a great game with a great match-up between Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers! Coldplay is the Halftime show, and they will be joined, reportedly, by both Bruno Mars and the Queen B, herself. All that being said, make sure to minimize the amount you’re spending by reverting back to our ideas as well as the many others that are out there. If you find/have any deals, promotions, or ideas specific to the Super Bowl, please comment below! We’d love to hear all about them! We hope that everyone has a great time at their Super Bowl Parties, and, as always, stay SAVVY


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