Meet the New Savvy Student at SBU!

Meet Ben Schantz – The New Savvy Student @ SBU! I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University, majoring in Business Management, specializing in Marketing with a minor in Leadership Development. I am expecting to graduate in May of 2017.

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I am the new student assistant at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, where I monitor the office’s various social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, while also coming up with the original content you see here!

My hobbies include playing the drums for The Tarants, a Rochester, NY rock band, as well as reading, staying healthy, playing basketball and various other sports, and playing the guitar for fun and enjoyment.

My goal is to make sure that the students at Stony Brook University (and other colleges and universities, of course) discover new and fun ways to save money, become financially literate (money smart) as well as learn about exciting opportunities to earn money through scholarships. Saving money can be an extremely difficult thing for college students to do because there’s always a concert to go to or a movie to see. But, hopefully, with this page, I will be able to convey the idea that saving money is not really all that difficult and that anyone can do it!

To contact me, please send an email to or follow me on Twitter @ben_schantz14.


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