Homemade Holiday – Friends

Holiday gifts are not just for family. You’ve got friends to worry about too. As you move through life and college, your list of friends grows. But your budget doesn’t always grow with you. In times like these, DIY gifts are your best friend. Spend a little, make a lot. Your roommate and your friend from back home don’t need to know that you got them the same gift. Take that secret to your grave. Without further ado, I present to you the next in the Homemade Holiday series…gifts for friends!DIY gifts for friends Savvy Student SBU

  1. DIY Recipe Book from The 36th Avenue blog. Everyone knows a foodie. This adorable gift is inexpensive to make and so easy. Delight your foodie friends with a cute DIY recipe book so they can start keeping track of all of their delicious concoctions. Bonus DIY? Check out their list of 25 handmade gifts under $5!

    DIY Recipe Book 36th Avenue blog

    DIY Recipe Book from The 36th Avenue blog

  2. Memory Jar. This is an adorable gift, courtesy of the Aili Middleton YouTube channel, that a select few will definitely appreciate. A cute way for your bestie to store her memories throughout the year and then look back at them at the end. Think about making one for yourself and starting a tradition of going through it at the end of every year. Oh the feels!

    DIY Memory Jar ♡ Tumblr   Pinterest Inspired   YouTube

    DIY Memory Jar from Aili Middleton

  3. Open When letters. These letters are ones that you write for your friend or loved one to “open when” a certain occasion hits. Maybe you want to write a letter for them to open when they’ve had a bad day. Maybe one for when they are bored, lonely, or need some motivation. Instructables has a great tutorial on how to write and decorate these thoughtful gifts.


    Open When letters from Instructables.com

  4. Photo shadowbox collage. The vlog from Lily Zhen walks you through this easy DIY. Her tutorial is for a beach theme-perfect since it’s winter and everyone will be longing for those long summer days. Print out some cute photos from Insta and make them center stage.

    DIY Beach Photo Collage   Summer Gift Idea   YouTube

    DIY beach photo collage from Lily Zhen vlog

  5. Quotes on canvas. This DIY comes from the WhatsUpMom vlog. It couldn’t be easier. The materials you need to make this would allow you to make several-you’d only need extra canvas for each print. What an awesome gift for your friends first apartment or the friend going off to college for the first time.

    DIY   QUOTE ON CANVAS  cute  easy art     YouTube

    Quote on Canvas from WhatsUpMoms vlog

  6. Personalized ornaments. Everyone loves ornaments and these are so easy to make it should be illegal. Personalize these with your bestie’s name, the year, an inside joke or just an artsy design you drew yourself. Make one for you and bae for your first Christmas! The possibilities are endless. Pizzazzerie.com has the full instructions for you.


    Personalized Ornaments from Pizzazzerie

  7. Sharpie Christmas glasses. This is a luxe looking gift at a steal of a price. The Heart.Love.Always blog walks you through step by step on what designs to draw and what you need. A little creativity goes a long way with this gift.


    Sharpie Paint Pens Christmas Glasses from Heart.Love.Always

  8. Nail gift tags. PersiaLou.com has a printable tag to go with a nail polish gift. Head over to the Dollar Store or the clearance section at Target. Pick up a bunch of cute nail polish on the cheap, line ’em up and decorate with these nail tags. Squad gifts done.


    Nail Gift Tags from Persia Lou

  9. Glitter planters. Boo’s dorm room looking a little dark and grimy? Brighten it up with a succulent plant. They don’t need much water. They brighten up a space and plants help clean the air around you. Decorate a planter to customize it for whoever is the lucky recipient of this gift. YellowBlissRoad has the instructions and supplies list you need to do this up right. Mom would love this one too!


    DIY Christmas Succulent Planters from YellowBlissRoad

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