Homemade Holiday – Food Gifts

You’ve made the list of people you need holiday gifts for. Now what? You’re a struggling college student with little disposable income. How do you get a gift for everyone on your list without going into debt? Time to get your hands dirty with some DIY gifts.

DIY holiday gifts don’t have to be cheesy. They don’t have to look inexpensive or thoughtless. If you put in a little bit of effort, and use some of the fabulous tutorials I’ve discovered from around the web, then your gifts can be the star of the party. As with last year’s Homemade Holiday gift series, each post has a theme. First up, food gifts!

Everyone loves food which makes this DIY super easy. You are sure to find something for everyone’s palate in this years first round up. I’ve scoured the corners of the internet to find the absolute best blogs and websites showcasing DIY food gifts for each person on your list.7 DIY food gifts for everyone on your list

  1. Dip Mix Ornaments. This one is definitely for my mom. These are not your average DIY gifts and they are adorable to boot. Your recipient can put their gift on the tree, and then take them down whenever they have a hankering for some chip or veggie dip. I’m a big fan of the Bubble Nature Creations blog and am so excited to link you over to their recipe. All you need is a few simple ingredients from the grocery store and some clear ornaments from a craft store like Michaels. Be sure to look at all of their other ornament gift ideas too!


    Dip Mix Ornaments from Bubbly Nature Creations

  2. The folks over at the MidwestLiving blog have a mouth watering recipe for holiday chex mix. It’s easy enough to make right in your dorm. All you need is to melt some chocolate and mix it all together. Get some cute boxes from the craft store, or even a mason jar, for eye catching packaging. My grandmother will love me forever for this one!

    Snowflake Mix

    Snowflake Mix from MidwestLiving.com blog

  3. Marshmallows in a jar. You have to love Buzzfeed for this post. Basically, buy some Lucky Charms, separate all the marshmallows out and put them in a jar. Instant present for the cost of cereal and a jar. Let’s be real. We are all just looking for the marshmallows in life, amiright? Best friends will re-live childhood wonder bite after bite.

    Marshmallows in a Jar Buzzfeed

    Marshmallows in a Jar via Buzzfeed

  4. Fried Chicken Kit. This is another gem from Buzzfeed. When you think of holiday food gifts, it often involves cookies. This one is different and definitely will stand out among the rest. Buzzfeed has the list of easily found ingredients, directions for assembling the jars and an easy printable for instructions on how to use the gift. Dad will love this!

    Fried Chicken Kit Buzzfeed

    Fried Chicken Kit-Buzzfeed

  5. Sriracha Salt. I don’t even feel like I need to say more than this. Sriracha Salt people! The Mama Likes to Cook blog has the easiest ever recipe for how to make this. Find a little tin at a place like HomeGoods or the $1 bin at Target and you have an awesome gift for about $5.

    Sriracha Salt Mamma Loves to Cook

    Sriracha Salt from Mamma Loves to Cook blog

  6. Popcorn Seasoning Kit. Evermine Occasions has an incredibly easy to follow tutorial on how to make this gift for the movie buff in your life. Their post recommends that you give the one person a bag of popcorn with all of the seasonings together. To help spread your dollars around a bit more, break this up into six gifts with each person getting one fancy seasoning and one bag of popcorn. This gift has my brother written all over it.

    Popcorn Seasoning Evermine

    Popcorn Seasoning Kit – Evermine Occasions

  7. Grilling Seasoning Mixes. Gift these to the grillmaster in your life, thanks to the Kenmore blog. With one all-purpose recipe and a secret burger seasoning recipe, you’re sure to fire up your gift recipient. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. They even have gift labels you can print and cut out. Bonus!

    DIY Grilling Seasoning Mixes – Kenmore

    And there you have it. 7  easy to make, DIY food gifts for everyone on your list. Have any good ones that we missed? Share in the comments!

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