Breathing New Life into “Paying it Back” Philosophy

Stephanie Rovello is the assistant director for Scholarship and Customer Support Services here at the Stony Brook Financial Aid office. Her goal of helping students succeed in college is one that we all emulate. This year, she helped to reactive the Endowed Richard A. Bishop Fund and helped 22 Stony Brook students receive new laptops, along with Kevin Kelly and Jerry DeFoe.

This article from SBU Happening has the full story on who Richard A. Bishop is and how the fund started. My favorite part of the article is how Stephanie Rovello wanted to stress to the applicants the philosophy of “paying it back.”

Before distributing the laptops, Rovello stressed the importance of giving back. “The key here is paying it back. When you graduate and are ready to go out into the world and be really successful, go back into your communities and tell them, ‘you can do this, you can go to college and be successful.’ And maybe someday you will be able to donate to a scholarship and help some students like yourselves.”

This is an incredibly opportunity for students to have and I look forward to seeing it continue in future years.


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