5 Side Hustles Worth Doing

by Amber Britton

We all need extra cash. It can be incredibly challenging being a full time college student and holding down a job without having one of those things suffer. Some people are great at it, others struggle. The solution? A side hustle. A side hustle can be anything that helps bring in some extra cash without putting in a lot of time or work.

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It can be done! I’m here to show you the light at the end of the no money tunnel. You won’t be Duck Tales rich but you’ll be able to buy pizza every now and then.duck tales money pit scrooge

  1. Rev.com. This has recently been my new obsession. If you can type fast and have a good internet connection, with speakers or headphones, this is the hustle for you. It’s just transcribing dialogue. The site walks you through the process of how to transcribe an audio file with ease. You choose what types of projects you want to complete and you get paid pretty quickly via PayPal. Higher paying projects are more challenging but if you do a bunch of little ones, it can add up quick. Plus, once you complete a certain amount of jobs, you are then eligible to get paid more per job simply for being more experienced.
  2. Fiverr. Are you great at creating logos? Can you come up with short stories on the fly? Are you known for drawing cool pictures? At Fiverr you can sell your services to anyone for $5. Offer to come up with a logo, sing a few bars of a song, draw a funny character or write a quick story on a given topic. $5 a job may not sound like much but get a few people to do this and you can easily earn enough for a night out. The better job you do, the more recommended you’ll be!
  3. Sell your stuff. Take a few minutes and scan your room for anything you no longer need that is in good condition. Grab your old DVD’s, CD’s, nice clothing or collectibles you no longer want and put up a listing on eBay or Amazon. It’s super easy to put up a listing and people are always looking for stuff to buy. Bonus if you check out some yard sales in your area and find things you know you can resell for more money. For Amazon, just make sure you choose the option to ‘sell as an individual’. This way you avoid the monthly fee!
  4. UserTesting.com. This site pays real people to test their apps or websites and provide constructive, relevant feedback. I’ve recently signed up and can tell you the process is pretty easy. It’s even easier if you’re tech savvy and can really get into details with your feedback. They pay $10 for every 20 minute session you complete. You have to be 18 years old, speak in English (you record your feedback audibly), be able to download their software and have a PC or Mac with internet and a microphone.
  5. Mystery Shopping. This is a real thing and I’ve been doing it for awhile. You shell out the money at first, but they usually reimburse you your entire purchase plus a fee on top of that. The other day I got paid $70 to go bowling for one game and buy a snack at the snack bar. Sometimes it is a straight wash. Meaning that I get reimbursed for something like movie tickets and concessions and that’s it. Basically, I look at it as free entertainment. I’m not making money to save but I’m getting to go out to eat or see a movie for free, basically. Check out websites like My Mystery Shop and MarketForce to get shops at places like Regal Theaters, Five Guys, Jiffy Lube, Smokey Bones and more.

There are a variety of other things you can do to make more cash on the side. If you’re really great at math or a foreign language, sign up to be a tutor for high school or other college students. You can usually charge $20-$25 an hour. Great with kids? Offer babysitting for parents in the area. Good at sales? Have a traditional yard sale or band the neighbors together for a block yard sale.

My 5 side hustles are jobs you can do on your own time, working around your schedule. They help you make a little extra money without having to physically go to a job site. It couldn’t be easier.

Have any other suggestions? Share them in the comments!


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