7 Days of Freebies

By Amber Britton7ElevenFreebies

Tomorrow is 7/11 and you know what that means. FREE SLURPEES! I love slurpees but I can’t always justify buying them. What better way to indulge than by getting one for free. 7/11 has become known as 7-Eleven Day and the chain takes advantage of this free publicity every year. There is no purchase necessary. Just walk in, grab your slurpee, and check out. At my local 7-Eleven they just let everyone walk out. Slurpees for everyone!

But the title of my post is 7 Days of Freebies isn’t it? It sure is. Starting 7/12/15, anyone with the 7-11 app will get a free item every day for the next 7 days. You need to have the 7-11 app on your phone and be a member of the rewards club. It’s free and you can download it here. Listen, if downloading an app on my phone gets me free stuff, I’m all for it. For all you naysayers who don’t want the app…I’ll take your free stuff, thanks.

This year, there is a catch. Last year you got a free item every day with no questions asked. For this year, you have to make a purchase. Every day you can take a look at the app and see what the free item is that day. Walk into any 7-11 store and buy any drink (Slurpee, coffee or a Big Gulp). When you pay for your drink they will scan the barcode on your app and you’ll get that day’s free item as well. It’s hit or miss. Last year it would be stuff I’d want one day, stuff I didn’t the next. But, to each their own.

So download the app and enjoy your freebies. Tag us with your freebie pics on Twitter, @savvyseawolf.

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