Where can you get a free donut on June 5th?


Friday June 5th is National Doughnut Day. What does that mean for you? Well prepare your stomach because free donuts are a comin’. Lots of places will have deals but few will have the freebies.

First up, trusty ol’ Dunkin Donuts. The famous chain will be offering a free doughnut with any beverage purchase. Don’t let anyone tell you that it has to be a certain size beverage either. ANY beverage purchase earns you the doughnut of your dreams.

Next, Krispy Kreme. If you are lucky enough to live next to one of these delicious little gems, you can also get a free doughnut just because.

How about Tim Horton’s? Well, that chain is giving out the mecca of all doughnuts. Score a chocolate hazelnut donut filled with Nutella with any hot drink purchase.

Well, what if you hate doughnuts? First, that’s insane. But second, OK maybe it’s real. There is something for you too! Jiffy Lube is offering free tire pressure checks so you won’t have to use a ‘donut’ tire if your regular tire pops. Plus, certain locations have free, for-realsies, doughnuts.

Lots of places in different areas are doing something special so check with your favorite coffee shop or bakery and score something sweet.

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