Money Smart Fall 2014 Winners

We are proud to announce our winners from the Fall 2014 Money Smart Workshops. Each of these ladies won free tuition for the Spring 2015 semester and all they did was attend our Money Smart Seawolves workshops.

Our first winner was Noelle Osei-Tutu.

2014 Winner NoelleNoelle is a freshman majoring in biology, on the pre-med track, with the hopes of becoming a pediatrician. She told us,

I was in the financial aid office one afternoon and saw an ad about the Money Smart Seawolves Workshops and a chance of winning the value of in-state tuition so I decided to check it out.

I thought my chances of winning were slim to none, but I was both shocked and excited when I got the call that I won. I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to participate in the informative workshops and for winning the lottery. I learned valuable lessons that I will keep with me now and in the future.
Our second winner of the semester was Courtney Keenan.
Fall 2014 Winner Courtney
Courtney is a sophomore majoring in Human Evolutionary Biology with the plan to go into Dentistry. She even participates with CCERT in her downtime. Courtney told us,
My friend told me about the workshops and I thought I might have been able to learn a few tricks of the trade regarding budgeting.
What I remember most is being told about different websites that aids in both short and long term budgeting, how to effectively and easily start a lifelong savings account, and the differences between choosing debit or credit when shopping.
What I learned from those sessions have already led me to making smarter decisions regarding money and I will continue to use these skills into the future.
They were both incredibly excited to win and we were excited to present them with giant checks! Now I’m sure you are sitting there saying, “how can I win next semester?” I have the answer for you! All you need to do is attend the Spring 2015 Money Smart workshops. By attending a topic, you are then entered into the lottery to win free tuition. This semester we have even started something new. We now offer a Bring-A-Buddy program. Here is how it works:
Bring A Buddy
For every friend you bring, you can get another entry into the lottery. There is no limit to how many people you can bring! So grab everyone you know, and even people you don’t, bring them to the workshop and increase your chances of winning free tuition for next semester.
A big round of applause for our winners and good luck to everyone participating this semester. 

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