2015 Money Smart Seawolves Workshops

Spring semester has started and that means our next round of Money Smart Seawolves workshops are ready to go. Our first one will be on February 4th at 1:10pm and you can RSVP for that right over here.

Not only are the workshops back but we have an entirely new way for you to get more entries into the lottery for free tuition. This semester we are starting a Bring-A-Buddy program. Here is how it works:

Bring-A-BuddyNew for 2015


That’s right. For every friend you bring to one our Money Smart workshops, you will gain an additional entry into the free tuition lottery. Bring 10 friends? Get 11 entries; one for yourself and one for each friend you bring. Bring 20 friends? You’ll have 21 entries into the lottery. Your chance to win the free tuition will grow with every friend you bring. Make new friends, bring old friends or borrow someone else’s. Just get them there and bring them with you!

This semester we will be going over Identity Theft, Dealing with Debt and World of Work. All of the descriptions and dates can be found on the RSVP form here. Remember-you can attend each topic and are entered each time! Hope to see you on the 4th for Identity Theft!

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