Homemade Holiday, Stocking Stuffers

You’ve been following our Homemade Holiday series. You’re gifts are made and wrapped up with lots of money saved from all of our DIY ideas. But, wait! What about stocking stuffers? Don’t worry, we’ve got your inexpensive stocking stuffers right here. Some you can make, some you might have and some you can buy, cheaply. Well, what are you waiting for? Start stuffing those stockings!

  • Lottery tickets. For $1 a piece, you can put a scratch off lottery ticket in stockings of friends and family. Everyone loves to win. Just make sure they split their winnings if they win big.


    Lottery tickets make a great gift!

  • K-cups. Buy a box of Keurig K-cups and pop a few cups of coffee in everyone’s stocking. Try hot chocolate or tea for something different!


    Find these on sale and K-cups will fill the whole families stockings!

  • Something to read. Do you have a magazine subscription? Take the newest issue, if it’s in good condition, and gift it to mom, dad or whoever. Everyone loves a fun magazine read.
  • Even more reading. How about your favorite book? Grab a copy of your favorite book, if you own it, and put it in your best friends stocking for a thoughtful extra gift.
  • Bookmarks. In the DIY category, you can craft a bookmark in minutes. Take a nice, thick piece of cardboard, cut it into a long rectangle and decorate with sharpies. Instant bookmark!


    A Google search for bookmark templates will provide you with a host of ideas, like this one from Deviant Art.

  • Coupon book. Moms, dads and grandparents love these coupon books good for ‘free hugs’, ‘time alone’, ‘cooking breakfast in bed’ and other fun, free ideas. No matter how old you are, your parents will cherish the thought put into this. Take some colored paper, grab some markers and start creating!
  • $1 store finds. With a couple of bucks spent at the $1 store, you can make several people happy. Scented lotions, hand sanitizer, gum, candy, nail polish and more can be bought for, well, dollars!
  • Roll of quarters. Your roommates would definitely appreciate extra quarters for laundry. You don’t have to do an entire roll of quarters (it can be spendy) but even a few is helpful!2010-06-28_James_Madison_25USD_coin_roll
  • Pens/Pencils. Buy an entire package of pens/pencils and pop them into everyone’s stockings. Better yet, get the old school, plain yellow pencils and decorate them with glitter or sharpie designs.

Hopefully we’ve got you started with some of our cheap and easy ideas for stocking stuffers. Did you come up with any others? Let us know in the comments!

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