Homemade Holiday, Wrap It Up

You’ve got all of your DIY, homemade and store bought gifts. Now it’s time to wrap them up, plop a bow on them and place them under the tree..or in a box…or hand them out. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and gift tags can be pricey. We’ve got you covered on that end. Here’s our list of DIY ways to wrap your gifts while pinching your pennies.

  • Ask for boxes. If you’ve store bought a gift, most of those stores will provide a box free of charge. If they don’t provide boxes, they will often provide tissue paper. Both of those can be used as the gift packaging and then all you need to do is decorate with a bow.


    Gift box from Macy’s

  • Reuse! Take cereal boxes or shoe boxes and use those to hold your gifts in. Find cardboard anywhere and get creative with cutting and pasting so it fits your gift. Then grab some paint or rubber stamps to decorate the outside.


    Reuse of a cereal box from One Good Thing by Jillee blog

  • Clothing is optional. Take an old t-shirt, sweater or other piece of clothing and cut it up into looking like a square of fabric. Wrap your gift in that and tie it up to resemble a bow. Voila!


    Shirt gift wrap from A Subtle Revelry blog

  • Newsies. Newspaper is prevalent on college campuses. Take those unused newspapers and use that as gift wrap. The comics section makes an especially fun wrapping for kids gifts. The black and white pages give a nice, vintage feel to adult gifts.


    Newspaper gift wrap

  • Brown bag it. Going shopping at the grocery store anytime soon? Use brown paper bags instead of plastic (and double bag for even more take home goodies). Turn those beautiful brown bags into low-key wrapping paper. Draw designs with Sharpies, stamp away with rubber stamps, use duct tape to create fun designs or leave it a beautiful vintage brown. It’s a classic look, especially if you add some twine.
    Stop and Shop brown paper bag

    Stop and Shop brown paper bag

    Did any of these DIY wrapping ideas make it to your gifts? Have another one to share? Let us know in the comments!


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