Homemade Holiday; Quick & Easy

This weeks installment of our Homemade Holiday series is looking at DIY gifts that are quick and easy to make. I’ve again scoured the depths of the internet to bring you the best of the best in quick & easy holiday gifts. Let me know if you try any of these!

  • Sharpie coffee mugs. It’s as easy as it sounds. Take a plain colored coffee mug (which you can get at the $1 store for….$1) and decorate it with Sharpie markers. Do a Google search for funny coffee cups and copy a funny saying or drawing. Keep it simple with some pretty swirls or a Christmas tree. This works well on wine glasses or regular glasses too! Pick up a can of shellac from a craft store like Michael’s to seal in the drawing so it won’t rub off. Here’s a great YouTube tutorial!


    Example from Spark and Chemistry, http://www.sparkandchemistry.com

  • Reindeer soda bottles. Soda in glass bottles is pretty cool and not something people buy for themselves. They are also pretty popular this time of year. Take a six pack of glass Coca Cola bottles and decorate with googly eyes, a red pipe cleaner nose and pipe cleaner antlers. Done!
  • Christmas towels. Take plain colored hand towels (get them from the $1 store!), find some holiday looking ruffly trim from the craft store (Michael’s often has fabric swatches for super cheap) and sew them on for a fresh, fun and holiday look. Parents will love these! The blog over at My Blessed Life has a great tutorial on these.DIY-Christmas-Towels-550x825
  • Reindeer hot cocoa. Everyone loves Swiss Miss! Grab a box of Swiss Miss, some plastic bags and you’re almost there. Empty out a packet of Swiss Miss into a plastic bag, top with some marshmallows, and tie it up with pipe cleaners to look like antlers. Add googly eyes and a red nose and you can give a bouquet of chocolate to someone special. Savvy Saving Couple has the tutorial here!Reindeer_Cocoa_Cones11
  • Whisk gift set. Grab a cute, red whisk from the $1 store (usually they have Betty Crocker brand which is all red), stuff it with Hershey Kisses and wrap it up with a punny note. A new favorite gift for the foodie in your life. Find the tutorial over at Views from the ‘Ville with a free printable note!whisk4
  • Oven Glove Christmas. Grab an oven mit in a fun, holiday color and stuff it with various cooking utensils tied up in a bow. You can get a variety of stuff at the $1 store (I know, I keep mentioning it) and an awesome gift for less than $7.Unique-Handmade-DIY-Christmas-Gift-Ideas_01
  • Pen holder magnet. Take a used can, decorate it and attach a magnet to it. That sounds pretty easy to me! Get the easy tutorial from Martha Stewart blog here.mld106684_0311_tincans_297_sq
  • Hand painted scarf or head band. Lana Red Studio’s blog has a fantastic tutorial for this. You make yourself a stamp, stamp your design onto a scarf and your gift is done!

    Lana Red Studio tutorial for a hand painted scarf

    Well, I hope these ideas were enough to get your creative juices flowing. It’s easy to make your own gifts and keep your holiday budget in check. What is your best frugal buy or creation so far this season? Tell me in the comments!


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