Homemade Holiday, In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are all the rage right now. How can that help you? Well, you can create a beautiful, unique and fun gift for a very small amount. I’ve come up with a few ideas of my own, and gathered the best I have found from across the internet to bring you this week’s Homemade Holiday installment. You can pick up mason jars from Target, WalMart and even the dollar store. Jars can be small and wide or tall and a bit thinner. You may need to adjust your gift based on the size of jar you get.

  • Mani/Pedi. Ulta has a sale going on right now of a bunch of various items that are 5 for $5. The items include nail polish, buffers, nail files, nail brushes, pumice stones, lotions and more. I snagged up five of these items this weekend, plopped them in a jar and threw a pretty label on it. Toss a little tinsel in the jar for added holiday sparkle. Boomtown! Gift completed.This Ulta sale is going on through 11/30 so pick up some great items for this or to use as stocking stuffers.


    Life Ann Style already did this on her blog. Cute tutorial!

  • Food in a jar. There are a lot of these and when you think of ‘in a jar’ gifts, food is usually the first thing that comes to mind. You can do anything from cookie/brownie mix, popcorn kernels with seasoning, hot cocoa, cupcakes, spice mix, etc. The possibilities are pretty vast and usually just requires some dry ingredients. Cake or cupcakes in a jar can be prepared if you want it to be edible immediately. Just bake a cake, cut it up and layer it in the jar with frosting and sprinkles.

    Call Me Cupcake’s blog has a great brownie mix idea

    The Cooking With My Kid blog can show you this great gift.

    The Cooking With My Kid blog can show you this great gift.

  • Hobbies. Have a friend who crafts? Throw some stamps, glitter packets, white out, glue, stencils etc. into a jar and you’re set. How about a baker? Why not put in some measuring spoons, cookie cutters and a mini spatula? For the artsy friend, fill a jar with brightly colored markers and package with a pad of sketch paper. Fitness enthusiasts can be gifted a jar with some energy bars, electrolyte drink mixes, hair ties, and maybe even a tank top if you can fold it small enough. The Gunny Sack blog has tutorials for all of these and they are amazing. Check them out!
    Baking gift in a jar from The Gunny Sack blog

    Baking gift in a jar from The Gunny Sack blog

    The Gunny Sack gift for friends who love to draw

    The Gunny Sack gift for friends who love to draw

  • Pampering. Besides food, this is probably the next biggest ‘in a jar’ category. You can make lotions,  body scrubs, lip balm and even candles. Lots of options out there for this category. Everything usually calls for household ingredients but sometimes you may need a specialty item like cocoa butter or coconut oil. You can make a different pampering gift in a jar by doing something similar to my mani/pedi idea. Grab some trial size lotions, body spray, a loofah, lip gloss and even an eye mask. Throw it in a jar and wrap it up.
    Coconut Oil Lotion from New Leaf Wellness

    Coconut Oil Lotion from New Leaf Wellness


    DIY candles in mason jars from Something Turquoise


  • Travel kit. For someone who travels a lot, put some breath mints, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, eye mask, lotion, floss and some face wipes into a jar. Super helpful to have these items on hand when you’re packing for a last minute trip.


    Examples of trial size items

  • Shaving kit. Throw in a razor, shaving cream, some after shave or perfume, lotion and maybe an exfoliator and you’ve got yourself a shaving kit. This is great for men and women. The Gunny Sack blog strikes again because they already had my idea!

    Shaving kit in a jar from The Gunny Sack

    Shaving kit in a jar from The Gunny Sack

  • Plants. How about a baby herb garden? You can put some pebbles, potting soil and something like Basil or Cilantro into a jar for a cute plant that can thrive anywhere. Use tiny succulents for a little terrarium.


    Terrarium from Apartment Therapy

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