A Homemade Holiday, Part Two

Hope you enjoyed part one of our homemade holiday gifts series. In this round, we’re bringing you easy to make tablet and phone cases. Everyone has a tablet or smartphone and everyone needs a case. Well, everyone that can’t afford to replace the phone outright if it scratches or gets dropped needs a case. We’ve searched for the easiest and most adorable cases so that you can find one that works for you.

  • DIY iPad Case from Oh So Lovely. This one uses felt, cut in an adorable scalloped pattern. A sewing machine helps stitch this up quickly and an adorable button takes this from boring to flashy.
  • No Sew Bubble iPad Case from Creme de la Craft. Grab yourself a bubble mailing envelope for less than $1, some fun fabric swatches and glue. That’s all you’ll need to make this adorable, stylish and protective iPad case. Check out the link for a step by step tutorial with photos.
  • No Sew Duct Tape Phone case from Instructables. Adorable fabric, scissors, a stapler and duct tape are the supplies required for this pocket case. You can make this for any size phone, really, though the tutorial is for an iPhone. It’s easy and quick.
  • Bohemian phone case from By Wilma. This case is for a slightly advanced crafter. It uses leather, yearn, fabric glue, a cropodile (what?) and a magnetic button. But you can see it comes out adorable. Perfect for anyone!DIY-Bohemian-iPhone-case-tutorial-2
  • Another No Sew Case, from High Walls. Easy! Fabric, cotton padding, an iron and some hemming tape. You’ll want ribbon and some other items to jazz it up but this one will take you no time to make. It’s gorgeous!ipad-cover-3
  • Here’s another No Sew case from Sellz Cute Things. You need some stray leather fabric and a ribbon to keep it closed. It couldn’t be much easier than that and it looks luxurious. blackclosed
  • Tablet clutch from PS I Made This. Here’s a video on how to make an adorable tablet case from a drawer liner, duct tape and velcro.

All of these blogs have even more great ideas but these are just to get you started. Cases for your mobile devices do NOT have to be expensive. And, like in the first part of our homemade holiday series roundup, getting a group of friends to craft together is even more fun. You can split the cost of supplies to save a ton of money and with everyone’s different creativity levels, your gifts will be taken to the next level.

Did you try any of these? Which were your favorites? Let us know!

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