A Homemade Holiday

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. Those gifts cost money and can really break your budget if you aren’t careful. One way to help trim the holiday budget is to make your own gifts. Not only are homemade gifts cheaper, they mean so much more to the recipient because of the time and thoughtfulness you get to put into it. Gather up a bunch of your friends and get crafty together. Homemade gifts for everyone! We’re going to start showcasing some of our favorite homemade finds from around the web. All of our finds will be sure to surprise and delight the receiver without emptying your wallet. You might even learn a few skills in the process.

First up, coffee sleeves! I love seeing people with homemade coffee sleeves. They’re absolutely adorable and I always want my own. Turns out, they are pretty simple to make! A quick Google search turns up plenty of results but these ones are definitely my fave.

  • No-Knit-Coffee-Cozy. The name is a little deceiving because while it is “no knit” it isn’t “no sew”. You definitely need access to a sewing machine and the craft center on campus should be able to help you out there. Grab an old sweater, a current Starbucks cardboard sleeve (for the pattern) and an adorable button. You’ll be rocking this one in a few minutes.
  • Latte Love Cozy. This one is a little more advanced. You’ll need to be familiar with diecutting and will need access to an iron. Purchasing some iron backing is also required but as you can see, the results are adorable.
  • Pocket Cozies. Here’s one for all the knitters out there. It’s adorable but I have no idea how hard it is since I am not a knitter. Full disclosure and all. I love the pocket on this and would be thrilled if a friend gave me this as a gift. Simply Notable has a great idea with this one.2pocketcozies11
  • Leather Cup Jacket. For the men in your life, a leather one. This one requires a few extra, simple, steps and some leatherworking tools. If you get together with your friends, this one should come out to relatively inexpensive by splitting the costs, but provide a high quality cup jacket.ds_WF_koozie_09
  • Sock Cozy. In my opinion, this is the BEST one by far. It’s so easy! Bonus, you can use it for any drink and not just coffee. It consists of taking an old sock, cutting it and using bonding tape to hem the edges. You can buy bonding tape dirt cheap at places like Target. It is quick, washable, and the adorable possibilities are based on your sock collection.mugcloseup

I know you know at least one coffee or tea fanatic in your life that would love these. Were you able to use one of these sites to cross one gift off your list?

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