This Week in Tech; Key Ring

Everyone likes a good discount, right? I know I do. In order to get discounts at a lot of stores, you now need to have the store loyalty card. It seems everyone has a loyalty card. Stop and Shop, BJ’s, CVS, Bob’s, Ikea, Ulta, Godiva and Gamestop all have rewards or loyalty cards. That’s just a few of them! But what do you do with all those annoying little plastic cards? I do NOT want to look like anyone’s mom and have all of those cards on my keys. Lame!Full_Keyring

Some stores don’t even offer the key ring size and only offer them at the size of a credit card. Ain’t nobody got time for carrying around that! So what do you do?!

Introducing, Key Ring. KR logo

It’s an app for iOS and Android and best of all, it is 100% free. You can search for the app by name, Key Ring, in the app store for your device.  They also have web support at It takes minutes to set up and then you simply input your card information into the app. When you go to a store that uses a loyalty card, simply pull it up on the app and the cashier can either scan the barcode or key in the number. Simple, clean, and no mom key ring look required.

Here’s how it works. Tap on the list icon at the upper left corner and then choose Add Card. You’ll be prompted to authorize use of your camera because you can use your camera to take pictures of the card for easier entering of info. If you go with the camera, you snap pics of your card and then just confirm the info.

Key Ring Settings

Going the manual route? You’ll first be prompted to select the retailer.

Create Card Keyring

Then you can search by retailer name.

Photo Oct 27, 9 54 23 AM

Choose your retailer and then enter an option description and ID number from the card (not optional).

Photo Oct 27, 9 54 55 AM

Then tap Create Card to complete the process. You can then take pictures of your card (front and/or back) to add to the listing.

Create Card2 KeyringPhoto Oct 27, 9 55 40 AM

After creating your card you can add another or go to your card list. In your list you can see all of the cards you’ve added.

Photo Oct 27, 9 56 18 AM Photo Oct 27, 9 56 45 AM

This app is super simple to use. It’s also saved me some money in a few valuable situations because I hate carrying around all of these loyalty cards. Now I can just whip out the app and the store can either scan the card from the app or input the numbers manually during the checkout process. Let me know if you try it and how you feel about it.

Let the discounts begin!

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