Birthday Freebies-Perks of Getting Older

In honor of my birthday being in October, I thought I’d round up all the free stuff you can take advantage of during your month long celebration. Everyone does celebrate for an entire month, right? A lot of places participate in birthday rewards of some kind and when you add them all up, it can really help out a broke college student. yes-free-stuff-thumb

  • Benihana. This is probably one of my favorite rewards. I love hibachi restaurants and Benihana is one of the best. It can be expensive but not on your birthday. If you sign up for the Benihana Chef’s Table (which is FREE), they will email you a $30 gift certificate during the month of your birthday. $30! You can’t share it with someone (I tried that) so you have to use it all yourself. Be greedy.
  • Starbucks. Another favorite of mine is the ‘bucks free drink or treat on your birthday. Get the Starbucks app and be registered for rewards and on your birthday (or anytime during a few week period around it) you’ll have a reward for a free edible treat or drink of your choosing. The drink can be ANYTHING so get all the extra shots, double flavor, extra chocolate chips and triple the size.
  • Dunkin Donuts. Prefer the DD over Starbucks? They hand out a free medium beverage during your birthday if you’re registered on their mobile app. Bonus: You also get a free drink when you sign up for the app.
  • IHOP. The pancake powerhouse offers an entire meal free for your birthday. Sign up for their free Pancake Revolution and get a free meal for signing up, on your birthday and your one year anniversary.
  • Denny’s. You can get a free Grand Slam breakfast just by telling the server and showing your ID. Easiest one yet!
  • Sonic. Get a free slush, drink or tater tots on your birthday if you sign up for MySonic.
  • Panera. Free gift put on your MyPanera card. Another one of those “gotta join” ones.
  • Jamba Juice. Jamba Insider Rewards members get a free birthday smoothie or juice.
  • Baskin Robbins. If no one got you a cake, get yourself a free birthday ice cream from Baskin Robbins by signing up for their birthday club.
  • ULTA. Free gift for UltaRewards members. Signing up is free!
  • Sephora. This freebie changes from year to year. Sign up for their rewards card and you’ll get a free birthday gift. This year it’s a lipstick and mascara. You can just stop in at any Sephora store to pick it up, no purchase necessary.
  • Smashbox. I just found out about this one. Sign up for Pretty Points and get a free gift set.
  • Aveda. They also have a rewards program and you can get a birthday reward here too. Not sure about having to order or if you can stop in at a physical location to redeem.

Lots of other retailers offer some sort of discount on your birthday but I wanted to focus on actual FREE items. Benihana still counts because the $30 gift certificate from them can cover an entire meal. I know because I’m basically a professional Benihana birthday certificate redeemer. Some of the other discounts you can get are; American Eagle with 15% off coupons, Old Navy gives $10 off $50 coupons, CVS will give you $3 in ExtraBucks, DSW gives $5 gift certificates, Wendy’s gives a measly $1 coupon and World Market gives out a 10% off coupon.

There are also a ton of other places that do smaller freebies but I tried to focus on the biggest and the best. There are also a lot of regional freebie items with stores specific to certain states or areas. Let me know what freebies you found!


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