photographer-428381_640You never leave the house without a camera. You have a great eye for photography and story telling with a passion for news journalism. Does this sound like you? Then gear up to apply for The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photojournalists and possibly take home $2,500 to go towards your education.

Five (5) $2,500 scholarships will be awarded to five (5) college or technical school students, payable to their school. Four awards will be for video work while one will be for still photography. You’ll need to be a sophmore or later and have taken courses in photojournalism or photography. Submission includes an application, essay, reference letters, transcript, release form and your photography of course. You can get all the information you need at

*Please note that this scholarship is not affiliated with Stony Brook University or the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. Any questions or correspondence regarding this scholarship should be directed to 512-459-8515.

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