This week in Tech; Duolingo

We all have to take it. That dreaded foreign language requirement. Two semesters struggling to learn another language that we may or may not use in the future. Practical? Take Spanish. Adventurous? Try Dutch. Whatever you take, the struggle is real and I feel you. I took two semesters of Italian and am far from fluent but I passed with flying colors and a big, fat A. Classes and the textbook didn’t always help but the app I’m featuring this week sure made a difference.

Duolingo LogoEnter the app, Duolingo.

First of all, it’s free. That is almost a requirement to be featured on this series since we are all college students with a limited income.

Duolingo get startedSecond, it’s fun! Duolingo turns learning the language into a game where you can compete against friends and move up levels. It makes it super easy to grasp the concepts by incorporating listening, speaking and writing techniques. It’s gamification at it’s finest and this gamer girl appreciates anything that lets me earn points and beat my friends.
Duolingo examplesThird, you can use it anywhere. It’s not only a downloadable app for iOS and Android but also web based. That allows you to play it through any browser, on any computer.

Download the app and you create your account in seconds. Choose which language you want to learn and you can immediately get started. They are still limited in their options of what you can learn and right now, your choices are; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Dutch. This is a great app to start using if you want to study abroad and need to learn some conversational phrases. You have to master a level before you can move onto the next but it is easy enough to do so do not fear the language learning process.Duolingo Levels

Try it out and let me know if it helped.

Buona fortuna!

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