Spring Workshop Winner, Richard Robinett

Richard Robinett is the big winner for attending our Spring 2014 workshops. He’s won the value of in-state tuition for the Fall 2014 semester! Richard is now a senior, majoring in sustainability studies. He also plays on the SBU men’s Rugby team. Here’s what he said about his journey to free money;

“When I found out about the financial literacy workshop being offered, I thought it was a great opportunity to learn more about effective budgeting.  I then found out about the chance to win in-state tuition for a semester and decided it was actually the perfect opportunity to learn more about effective budgeting.  The workshop was helpful in that it made me aware of so many leaks in my budget.  After attending the workshops I was able to restructure my budget in a way that now enables me to save much more money for future loan payments. I am so grateful to have won the lottery and am fortunate to have a bit more wiggle room in the annual budget.  This is a great opportunity, not only for a chance at the lottery, but also to conceptualize your allowances within a greater framework that is post-college. “

Congrats, Richard! We’re excited to present you with the prize. Who could it be next semester? Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for workshop announcements.

MSS- Richard Robinett FB


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