11 Ideas for a cheap and fun summer


It’s summertime and that means friends, parties, and fun in the sun. But what do you do if you are a broke college student? Never fear! Savvy Student is here! I’ve got a list of some cool things to do over the summer that cost nothing, or next to nothing, and allow you to have some fun in the process. How many things on this list can you get done by the time fall semester starts?unplug-98609_640

  • Unplug for a day. We’re on our phones, tablets and computers ALL day and are constantly multitasking. Challenge your friends to a totally unplugged day. Leave your phones and computers at home and head to beach or the park and spend some uninterrupted time with the besties.makeup
  • Beauty Counter freebies. Makeup is expensive but there is always that new lip gloss or eye shadow you’re dying to try. Hit up the beauty counters at the mall and try it…for free! There are sponges and q-tips all over those places so grab one, apply yourself a fun new color and then walk right out of there before the sales pitch starts.Watermelons
  • Celebrate a silly holiday. National Ice Cream Sandwich day is August 2nd, Watermelon day is August 3rd and Sand Castle day is August 17th. Don’t let these holidays go without properly celebrating by reveling in the fun.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
  • Library freebies. Your local library has a TON of free stuff for you and I bet you didn’t even know it. Not only can you borrow the newest titles to read your favorite authors for free but you can also borrow DVD’s of newly released movies and music. Many of the libraries on Long Island even have an app you can get to download the newest magazines on your tablet or phone. Libraries will often have cool guest speakers, including chefs with food demos, and free movies. Check out your local libraries website or better yet, just walk on in and see all of the things you can take advantage of. I could write an entire post JUST about libraries!Meetup_logo
  • Meetup.com. I love this site. You can sign up for free and join groups in your area with similar interests to make new friends. The site is free and the activities are usually at a central location or even someones house. I’ve joined a food group that gets together and tries new food, a movie group that watches films together, a concert group that just heads out to watch local music and a basketball group to just meetup in a park and play a quick game. There is even a local Dungeons and Dragons group for you gamers out there.Netflix
  • Netflix. This is really a given but always needs an honorable mention. Don’t feel guilty taking a day or two to binge watch some shows on Netflix.water-171756_640
  • Make Your Own Water Park. Grab some friends, a hose, some balloons and any water guns lying around and make your own water park. Spend some time pelting your loved ones with water balloons. It’s good for bonding.Electric_Fireplace
  • Indoor Camping. I hate bugs and like showers. Indoor camping is my kind of camping. Set up a tent in a common area of the house, make smores over a candle, put a fireplace video on your laptop and stargaze through the window.Portland_Youth_Philharmonic_at_the_2012_Waterfront_Park_Concert_-_Tom_McCall_Waterfront_Park,_Portland,_Oregon
  • Free Stuff in the Park. Most parks around the country offer some sort of free concert or movie, sometimes even a series of them, over the summer. On Long Island, Newsday is constantly offering free movies on their premises and the Long Island Philharmonic offers free concerts in the park almost every year. Locals should check out exploreli.com for when types of these things are offered.3952858025_6c08f6b1e8_z
  • Scavenger Hunt. Hide a bunch of stuff, make a list of random clues and send your friends out on a wild game to find it all. Spread it all out over town or keep it local but it’s always fun. Make some crazy trophy for a grand prize and people will fight to win it.
  • Local Music. A lot of local bands play free shows in the summer either at outside venues and restaurants or in parks. The new record store in Sayville, Soul Sounds, constantly offers free concerts of local bands.

There are SO many fun things to do in the summer, especially here on Long Island. Don’t be afraid to try something different. You might actually have some fun! Let me know in the comments what your fave thing to do in the summer is.


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