This Week in Tech; Yipit

For this week’s tech installment, we look at a website as opposed to an app. Yipit did used to have an app but it seems to have disappeared from the app store. So for now, web only and we can pray an app comes back someday. Daily deal sites are still the rage and it seems everyone has one now. Groupon, Living Social, DealPerk, Amazon Local and on and on. Who can keep up with these and keep them all straight? Don’t forget that each one of those sites wants to send you a daily email as well which brings the thought of reaching ‘inbox zero nirvana’ to a screeching halt.

Here to save the day is Yipit. Yipit,, is a daily deal aggregator that takes every single daily deal site out there and puts them into one easy search. No longer will you miss out on that $20 yoga class deal or the $10 Starbucks card offer. Get all the $24 restaurant deals your heart desires in one swoop. Immerse yourself in the wonders of $50 dental examinations with a free wash and blowout. You get the picture.

Here’s how this baby works. Open any browser window and just type in the old fashioned way. Voila! The site has loaded. Choose the city you want to view deals in and then set up your free account. Once you already have an account, you’d just click login at the bottom right. Yipit1

Once you’re in, you can look at categories of deals or search specific places in the the search bar at the top. They have categories for Dining & Nightlife, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Retail & Services, Activities & Events, Special Interest and Goods. You can even change cities. There isn’t much in Long Island usually so I’d recommend checking both Long Island and NYC as a whole, for more options.Yipit2

Let’s look at the deal today for AMF Bowling in Wantagh. $17 for two hours of bowling plus shoe rental-not bad! Once you click on the deal you want, Yipit directs you to the deal site that is actually hosting that deal. Yipit3In this case, it’s Groupon. You would buy the deal through Groupon and redeem through them as well. Yipit has just made it easier to find the deal by showing you ALL the deal sites on one screen.

I’ve used Yipit for awhile now. It helped me to find a deal on a comedy club in NYC for New Years Eve, a yoga fitness studio package in Holbrook, $10 Starbucks gift card deal and several others. It’s easier to get one email, with the deals for all the sites out there, then to get one for every individual site. Now you can stretch your dollars a little farther, and a little easier. Just in time to spend all your hard earned summer cash.

Let me know if you find any good deals on Yipit by commenting below.


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