This Week in Tech; Honey

Who doesn’t love honey? It’s sweet, fresh and goes great with a hot cuppa tea. Now it can help save you some money too! Honey is an awesome new browser app that helps to save you money when shopping online. What is sweeter than that?!

2014-06-03 10_23_21-Honey

First, let me tell you how it works. You install a browser extension add-on from Currently, they only have extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you’ll see a little ‘h’ logo in the corner of your browser. That’s Honey, waiting to be used. Click it and you’ll be prompted to set up your account login which takes literally less than 30 seconds. It does not require a credit card or anything so don’t panic.2014-06-03 10_17_34-Honey

The next time you are shopping online press the ‘h’ logo when you’re in the checkout process. Honey will automatically look for any and all available coupon codes and discounts. No more frantic, last-minute searching for online coupon codes. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Honey does it all for you with one quick click.

Prior to the checkout process, Honey can also give you all the sales and discounts available at that particular online store. At any time in the shopping experience you can press the Honey logo and it knows exactly what type of page you are on. It tells you the coupons and deals available on the product page and fills in the coupon codes on the checkout page. It’s smarter than anyone I know, that is for sure. I checked out Target today and found 13 coupon codes available, including a 20% off code. That can definitely help when shopping for dorm food, summer clothes or school supplies.

2014-06-03 10_20_14-Target _ Expect More. Pay Less.

I primarily use Honey on Amazon and right now they are showing 19 coupon codes there. Some of the Amazon codes are specific to certain products or certain categories of products but a discount is a discount, amiright?

2014-06-03 10_21_54-Amazon.com_ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & m

They are supported by a TON of big name stores such as Gap, MAC, Nordstrom, Gamestop, Think Geek, Best Buy, Target, Macys and more. You can check out the entire list of supported stores at

So take 2 minutes today and install the extension, set up your account and start using Honey to save a little cash everywhere you shop online. Put the amount you saved into your savings account and watch that money grow! Let me know how much you saved by commenting with your experience.

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