Microwave Monday: Dunkaroos

I don’t know about you, but aside from Gushers, one of my favorite childhood snacks was Dunkaroos.  They were these little packages of icing and cookies that made any lunch that much more awesome.  I don’t know why, but in recent years they’ve been a little hard to come by – I don’t know if grocery stores stopped carrying them or what.  But don’t despair, we’ve got a nifty no-bake recipe for this childhood classic that will brighten up any night of studying in less than five minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

dunkaroos ingredients

1 box of Pilsbury Funfetti cake mix
1 Jello vanilla pudding snack pack
1 container of Greek yogurt (I used vanilla for this recipe but strawberry, chocolate, or any other flavor would probably be just as delicious)
Graham crackers


1.  Pour 1 cup of cake mix into a large mixing bowl.

2.  Stir in pudding and yogurt until all ingredients are combined.

3.  Use graham crackers to scoop dip and enjoy!



Cost Breakdown:

Cake mix:  $1.25
Jello:  $2.59 (for a pack of 4)
Yogurt:  $1.45
Graham Crackers:  $3.19

The total amount you’ll wind up spending on these groceries is probably no more than $11 with tax.  Each box of Funfetti has approximately two cups of cake mix, so if you’re looking to use the whole box, just double up on the yogurt since the Jello comes in a pack of 4.  Or you could opt to store the remaining cake mix in an air tight container or tupperware.  Either way, any leftovers you have definitely won’t go to waste.  Enjoy!


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