DIY: Lemon-Sugar Scrub

By Lauren Sharkey

Whether it’s getting a manicure or treating myself to a facial, it seems that getting myself pampered is something that always makes me feel better.  However, spa treatments, skin cream, and everything else can get rather expensive.  Thankfully, this awesome (and easy) recipe for lemon sugar body scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth!

This Christmas, give someone you love the gift of silky smooth skin…for less than $5!

Here’s what you’ll need:


1 4lb. bag of granulated sugar
⅔ cup organic honey (can be found at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s)
6 lemons
⅔ cup olive oil
(4) 16 0z. Mason jars or (8) 8 oz. Mason jars

Optional items:  Ribbon, disposable spoons, gift tags.


Tip:  If you’re unsure if you can fit everything in one bowl, make a half batch using half the ingredients, at a time!

1.  The firs thing you’re going to want to do is warm your honey.  Place jar of honey on plate inside microwave and heat for 30 seconds.  Do this until honey is liquefied (approximately 1½- 2 minutes) and set aside.

2. Slice lemons down the middle and squeeze juice into small bowl. Remove seeds from bowl and set aside.


3. In a large bowl, whisk together lemon juice and olive oil. Once ingredients have blended, whisk in honey quickly to get ingredients to bind.


4.  Add 6 cups of sugar and mix ingredients with wooden spoon. **


5.  Combine mixture well and place into jars and close lid tightly.


**A FEW NOTES:  This recipe is based on personal preference.  You don’t want your mixture to be completely solid or liquid – it needs to be somewhere in between.  Add sugar slowly – one cup at a time.  See how it mixes in and decide if you want to add more.  It’s up to you!

6.  Personalize gift tag:

For soft skin, massage spoonful of scrub softly onto hands, face, or body for 2-3 minutes.  Rinse and enjoy a holiday glow.

Lasts 2-4 weeks.  Refrigerate if desired.

7.  Tie ribbon onto back of spoon, then weave ribbon through hole on top of gift tag.  Wrap ribbon around jar, tie, and curl.

step 7

Cost Breakdown:

Sugar:  $2.00 (reg. $2.99) – Stop and Shop
Olive Oil:  $2.99 – Stop and Shop
Lemons:  $3.29 for a 2lb. bag (9 lemons) – Stop and Shop
Honey:  $5.99 – Trader Joe’s
Mason Jars:  $9.04 for (4) 16 oz. –, $9.99 for (12) 8 oz. –, $1.49 – $4.99 each at Michael’s
Spoons:  $8.13 – (You don’t have to get the wooden ones – I’m sure you can buy plastic ones anywhere)
Ribbon:  $2.99 at Michael’s
Gift Tags: $3.99 for pack of 20 –, $4.99 at Michael’s

With tax, all supplies and groceries are going to cost you about $42.  Since there are two ways you can make these, there are two different price breakdowns:

(4) 16oz. jars of body scrub: $9.61 each (part of the reason this is so expensive is because of the spoons)
(8) 8 oz. jars of body scrub: $4.80

I know $42 seems like a lot in one go, but you can potentially cross off eight people on your list with this awesome, easy to make project.  This lemon sugar scrub is a great gift for moms, sisters, and grandmothers!

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