Microwave Monday: Soda Cake?

By Lauren Sharkey

I am all about quick and easy recipes – especially ones that involve dessert.  But when my friend told me about this cake she had made using nothing but soda and cake mix, I have to say that I was a little skeptical…and kind of grossed out.  I mean, what a weird combination, right?  WRONG!  Surprisingly, these two ingredients somehow work together to make delicious, one serving cakes in minutes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 box of Pilsbury Funfetti cake mix
1 bottle of cream soda (any brand is fine)
1 large bowl
1 small bowl
1 can of Pam cooking spray – Optional
1 container of Pilsbury vanilla frosting – Optional
SPRINKLES! – Some people might consider these optional and to those people I ask, “What is life without sprinkles?


1.  In an extra large bowl, mix ¼cup of cream soda and ¼ cake mix together. Be careful – the soda tends to foam up quickly so mix slower than you normally would.


2. Mix until batter is free of lumps.

3. Spray small coating of Pam in the small bowl (Optional – it’s no big deal if you don’t want to spray the bowl.  It just makes it easier when you transfer the cake to a plate.) and pour batter in.


4.  Microwave batter for 4 ½ minutes.

5.  Be careful removing bowl – it’s going to be hot!  Run a fork or a knife around the edge of the cake to get it loose.  Then place a plate upside down over the bowl and flip.  Let stand for a minute or two, coat with frosting and enjoy!

cake finish

Cost Breakdown:

Cake Mix:  $1.25
Soda:  $0.77
Frosting:   $1.67
Pam:  $3.49

Now, the reason my groceries were so cheap for this recipe is because, for some reason, pre-made mixes aren’t that expensive.  Also, I went to Stop and Shop this week and got a bunch of savings with my card (which is free).  So, my total, including tax, was somewhere in the realm of $9.

There are nine ¼ cup servings of cake mix in one Pilsbury Funfetti box – putting the total cost of this cake at $1!  Not too bad for a two ingredient cake, huh?

To save your ingredients, simply refrigerate your frosting and store your cake mix in a tupperware.  This way, you can have delicious cake whenever the mood strikes you!  (Also, if you don’t feel like buying the frosting, whipped cream works well too!)

In addition, there are many different versions of this recipe such as Coke and Devil’s Food cake mix or Orange soda and angel food!


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