Best Of: Money Saving Apps

By Lauren Sharkey

Between clipping coupons and throwing your spare change into that jar on top of your desk, there never seems to be enough cash around.  Thankfully, technology has you covered.  Here are some money-saving apps that will keep some extra green in your wallet!

1.  Retail Me Not

When shopping online, I always consult before checking out.  RetailMeNot offers online coupon codes (along with physical coupons you can actually print out) that can get you big discounts at your favorite retailers such as Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Best Buy, and more.


Side Note:  The deals are not reliable 100% of the time but I use the site and the app all the time and usually save a lot!

Price:  FREE; available for iOS and Android

2.  Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a handy app that allows you to find the cheapest gas price nearest to you.  You can search by state, city, and current location.  After all, those few cents you save per gallon add up to dollars eventually!


Price:  FREE; available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

3.  Price Check by Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I bought something without consulting Amazon first.  Whenever I see something I like in the store, I usually whip out my phone and begin searching to see if I can save a few bucks.  But Amazon has actually improved this process by not only allowing my to scan, snap, or enter the item I’m looking for, but by also providing me with their price and the price of other merchants ensuring I get the best deal possible!


Price:  FREE; available for iOS and Android

4.  Starbucks 

There are two things I love in this world – coffee…and saving money.  And now, technology has finally fused the two together in one amazing app!  So, here’s how it works:

Step one:  Go to Starbucks and purchase a Starbucks gift card.
Step two:  Register your card online.
Step three:  Download the Starbucks app.
Step four:  Start earning free stuff!

Every time you purchase a beverage using your registered Starbucks card, you earn stars!  After 12 stars you get a free beverage or food item.  You also get a free birthday beverage and free coffee refills in the store.  If you’re a caffeine addict, you should definitely get a card and download the app!


Price:  FREE; available for iOS.

Handy trick:  One purchase = 1 star.  If you purchase two drinks on one transaction, you get one star – not two.  Ask the barista to ring you up separately if you’re buying more than one drink.


And perhaps the most important part of this post, that’s not actually an app, is  This website allows you to track the prices of items on Amazon to ensure you get the lowest price possible.  In addition, you can sign up for alerts for when something goes on sale and view statistics to see the likelihood of your item dropping in price.  Do yourself a favor and sign up!


Anyway, I hope these apps save you some cash this coming holiday season!  Please be sure to check back as it gets closer to Christmas for tips and tricks on how to make affordable gifts!

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