Microwave Monday: Quesadillas

By Lauren Sharkey

Whether I’m writing a paper, about to watch a movie, or hanging out with friends, there are always snacks around.  Munching on something helps me work through the ins and outs of writing an essay, and gives me a much needed kick when pulling an all-nighter.  Also, nothing brings people together quite like food.  However, you tend to get sick of Cheetos and Ramen after a while.  Sometimes, you really need something with some substance…like a quesadilla!

Here’s what you’ll need:


2 small flour tortillas (whole wheat, regular, spinach, tomato – your choice!)
¼ cup of chicken, steak, or pork
¼ cup of cheese (sharp cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, whatever!)
2 tablespoons salsa
1 tablespoon sour cream


1.  Place tortilla on a microwave-safe plate and sprinkle half of the cheese on the tortilla.


2.  Spread salsa, and your choice of chicken, steak, or pork (or all three!) onto the tortilla.


3.  Sprinkle the rest of your cheese over the other toppings.

4.  Place the other tortilla on top and microwave for two minutes.  Then, flip i t over and microwave for another minute or so until cheese is melted.  (You can do this easily by placing another plate over the tortillas and flipping them over.)

5.  Add sour cream and enjoy!


About your supplies:

While most of these ingredients can be found in your local grocery store, don’t feel like you have to buy everything on the list.  If you’re only going to use sour cream for this one recipe, it might not be worth it to buy it.  Additionally, there is no need to buy and then cook your own meat.  Many grocery stores now carry pre-cooked chicken and steak strips.  They’re usually in the Meat Section but if you can’t find them, then definitely ask around.  Also, the diced onions and peppers can usually be found as part of a medley in the Vegetable Section (usually by the platters).  Target and Trader Joe’s are great places to look – they often sell diced vegetables in a small, plastic container.

If you’re looking to make this dish on the healthier side, try using a whole wheat tortilla, low-fat or skim cheese, and low-sodium salsa.

Now, let’s take a look at the cost:

Sour Cream: $1.99
Cheese:  $3.19
Tortillas:  $2.50
Grilled Chicken Slices: $5.19
Salsa: $3.49

The total cost of ingredients with tax is about $18.  Now, while that might seem like a lot, you have to think about the big picture.  

Making food in advance is a great way to save time and money – these quesadillas freeze easily and will come in handy during a late night study session.  Also – salsa is great to keep in your room.  You can also pack some chicken and cheese with you in a plastic bag and save yourself some cash when you go to the salad bar – all you need is some lettuce and veggies.  So while $18 might seem like a lot for one recipe, the ingredients will definitely last!


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