College JumpStart Scholarship – $1,500

By Lauren Sharkey

The College JumpStart Scholarship is currently awarding a $1,500 to college students committed to getting a higher education. Applicants must be committed to using education to better their lives and those of their family or community.

If you are interested in applying, you must submit an essay (250 words or less) answering one of the following questions:
1. What are your educational goals?
2. How will winning this scholarship help you attain those goals?
3. Write about a time when “hard work” paid off.
4. Describe your experience with community service and volunteering and how that has affected you and your outlook.

The deadline for this scholarship is October 17. To apply, or for additional information, please click here:

*Please note that this scholarship is not affiliated with Stony Brook University or the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. Any questions or correspondence regarding this scholarship should be sent to

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