Best of: Time Management Apps

By Lauren Sharkey

As a college student, money isn’t the only thing you need to keep track of.  I don’t know how many hours I’ve lost to Facebook, Netflix, and IMDB.  The concept of keeping an eye on the time only came to me when I missed my first final of my freshman year because I overslept since I was up cramming all night.  Thankfully, the professor was extremely understanding, but that really put things in perspective.  Time management is an important skill we all need to develop.  And even though I’ve gotten better at watching the clock, I still need a little help every now and then.

Fortunately for me, technology has got me covered!  Below are some of the best time management apps on the market that can get you organized and save you precious time:

1.  SmartTime

SmartTime is an awesome way to keep track of your obligations in and out of the classroom.  Not only does it allow you to add events with ease, but it also lets you add contacts to those events.  So, if you’re going to the movies with a friend, all you have to do is add them from your contacts list, and SmartTime will automatically integrate their contact information.  If your friend is a SmartTime user, the event will automatically be added to their calendar.  SmartTime also allows for multiple views so you can see what your day, week, and month look like!


Available for: iPhone
Price:  $4.99

2.  Box

Similar to DropBox, Box allows you to access and edit your files by storing them on the cloud.  However, the one difference with Box is that you can share documents and presentations with coworkers, or classmates, and see their changes in real time.  With 10GB+ worth of space, you’ll always be prepared and up to date!  Box also allows users to leave their comments so collaborating with your classmates on a project is a breeze.

box screenshot

Available for: iPhone, Android

4.  SpringPad

The Springpad app is the equivalent to having a personal assistant in the palm of your hand.  Forget Siri – Springpad does it all!  This app can:

  • Add groceries to your shopping list based on your favorite recipes
  • Inform you when movies you like are on Netflix
  • Organize your bookmarks
  • …and much more!

Springpad also makes collaborating with classmates or coworkers simple and easy with notes, videos, and task assignments!  Do yourself a favor, download this app, and then let Springpad do the rest!


Available for: iPhone, Android
Price: FREE

5.  Wunderlist 2

The great thing about Wunderlist 2 is that it can be used on multiple platforms, including your desktop.  This way, no matter where you are, you’re always on top of your responsibilities.  Wunderlist allows you to not only make tasks for yourself, but sub-tasks as well (as seen below).

wunderlist screen

Available for: iPhone, Android
Price:  FREE

6.  Fathm

Fathm is an app that not only allows you to keep track of all the things you need to do, but allows you to see what you spend time on.  Fathm provides its user with comprehensive charts detailing which things you spend the most time doing, thus allowing you to better budget your life.

fathm screenshot

Available for: iPhone, Android
Price:  FREE



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