First Aid, Halloween Deco, and Apple Slices

By Lauren Sharkey

Whenever I need something, my first instinct is to go to Amazon since they not only have everything, but they’ll deliver it right to your door.  Unfortunately, the delivery isn’t instant.  So for all those times two-day shipping won’t do, there’s always old-fashioned shopping!

Here are some of the Scores I found this week!

1.  Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit

This baby is a life-saver – literally.  No matter what, I always manage to get injured at some point during the semester.  I get a paper cut, stub my toe on the edge of the desk, or scrape my knee running across campus to get to class on time.  And no matter what, I never have first-aid available.  Sure I might have some Neosporin lying around, but I’m not always that lucky.  So, over the summer, my mom bought me this and even though I told her it was stupid at the time, it really has come in handy!


Can be found at:

Harmon Face Values – $4.99 – there’s one on 4860 Nesconset Highway in Port Jefferson Station – $5.29
Walgreens – $7.99

2.  Halloween Window Clings

I realize that it’s only September but Halloween really is just around the corner.  Unfortunately, I can’t hang my pumpkin lights in my dorm, but thankfully these window clings will keep my room somewhat festive this fall!


Harmon Face Values – $1
(that’s right…$1!)

3.  Apple Slices

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a healthy snack.  Apples and peanut butter are my favorite – especially when it starts to get cold outside.  Unfortunately, I’m not really good at slicing my own apples.  Thankfully, Mott’s now makes pre-sliced apple slices and they’re not too expensive!


Red and Green sliced apples available for $3.99 at major grocery stores.

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