Sporks, Safety, and Screwdrivers

By Lauren Sharkey

As a student on a budget, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal.  But more than that, I am always looking to share my findings with fellow Seawolves.  So, here are some things I found this week:

Not having access to a full kitchen definitely puts a limit on the number of dishes I’m willing to do.  Plastic cutlery is on my shopping list pretty much every week.  I can usually justify the $1.99 I spend on plastic forks and knives since not having to wash dishes is a blessing in and of itself.  But, if I’m buying utensils every week in a 16-week semester, that’s $32.  Now while that might not seem much to some people, I’d rather use that $32 on gas, movie tickets, etc.

So, the last time I was in Target I found these:

1. Sporks – $1


These handy utensils are made of a more durable plastic and only cost $1!  I found them in the little dollar/clearance section in Target.  And even though I need to rinse them after every use, they are so worth the $31 they save me throughout the semester.  Also, when you think about it, how often do you really use a knife?

2.  Battery-free Flashlights 

I don’t know about you, but it always seems that the one item that never decreases in price (aside from gas) is batteries.  They are always so expensive!  Thankfully, with modern technology being the way it is, I rarely need batteries.  Most of my stuff (phone, keys, etc.) comes with a charger.  However, after Hurricane Sandy, I was kicking myself for not keeping batteries readily available when the lights went out.  So, I invested in a wind-up flashlight so I can see in the dark without breaking the bank.  Flashlights are always good to have around anyway.   Battery-free Flashlights – $10.99 for 2 at Amazon.com 

wind up flashlight

3.  Wire Wraps

Even though I finally buckled down and bought myself a label-maker, there’s one area of my room that’s always a mess – underneath my desk.  Seriously, trying to untangle all the wires makes deciphering a Rubik’s cube easy.  I got these as a Christmas gift last year but I’ve bought a ton more because they’re so handy!  Wire Wraps – $4.97 for 8 at Amazon.com

wire wrap

Also, if you can’t tell your wires apart, you might want to get one of these cable organizers – $11.64 at Amazon.com.

cable organizer

4. Mini Tool-Kit

While this next find is a little on the expensive side – it’s totally worth it!  Having a set of tools can come in handy when you least expect it.  Mini Tool-kit – $19.99 at Amazon.com.

mini tool kit

And don’t forget Amazon Student is a free membership program created especially for college students.

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