Best of: Textbook Retailers

By Lauren Sharkey

While going to the University Bookstore is fast and convenient, it is not always the most economical choice for students on a budget.  So, we’ve compiled a list of textbook vendors that might be able to offer you better prices on this classroom staple!

Barnes and Noble Booksellers:  Barnes and Noble isn’t really known for carrying textbooks, but every now and then you can find your assigned texts among their shelves.  In addition, if they don’t have your book in stock, they can usually order it for you and it will be there in a reasonable amount of time.  BN also has a membership program – it’s $25 to join, but if you purchase $200 worth of books, it’s only $5 (when you think about it).  So, you pay $5 to save 10% off your purchases there for the next year – just something to think about.

Popular textbook sites include:

Now, we understand that’s a lot of websites.  So, also be sure to check out our Best of: Textbook Comparison, to view some search engines that will help you compare prices without having a bunch of tabs open in your browser.

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